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'SYS' Couple Have Basically Just Confirmed Break-Up

As a man currently trying to repair his relationship with Stacey Louise on Seven Year Switch, Sarge isn’t exactly going the best way around it.

He has suggested to TV week that he and his girlfriend have split up and even asked if he could be the Bachelor on the upcoming season of the Bachelorette.

He added, however, that it is ‘probably too late’ as they have ‘already got the guys ready.’


His partner Stacey Louise appeared on the Bachelor in 2014.

Putting fire into the flame about a possible break-up with Stacey, he slammed his blonde girlfriend for sleeping in the same bed as her Switch partner Jonny.

However, Sarge has also been criticised during the season for being a ‘control freak’ and has even been labelled a 'd***head’ by some fans of the show.

Will they stay together? We will find out when the show returns tonight on Seven.

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