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2003 Video Shows Nicole Kidman Is A Serial Mouth Kisser

In the aftermath of the Emmys, where Nicole Kidman delivered what can only be described as a supremely powerful speech on shining the light on domestic violence, other insights have become available.

Despite doing incredible things to raise awareness for domestic violence through her show, Big Little Lies, of which she won Best Lead Actress at the Emmys, she also made headlines for other reasons.

The first was the fact that she didn’t acknowledge her two eldest children, Isabella and Connor, despite the fact that she acknowledged the daughters she shares with Keith Urban; Faith and Sunday.

The second was the fact that when Big Little Lies co-star Alexander Skarsgård won his Emmy, he stopped to hug Nicole, and the two kissed on the lips in front of Keith Urban.

Everyone was a little shocked by the blatant show of affection.

Now, a video from the 2003 Oscars has surfaced, and has attracted much attention, as it mimics yesterday’s Emmys appearance in more ways than one.

Firstly, Nicole acknowledges her daughter, Isabella, ‘I am standing here in front of my mother and my daughter, and my whole life I’ve wanted to make my mother proud, and now I want to make my daughter proud.

The camera pants to Nic’s mum and a young Isabella, and it seems such a transition, that 14 years later, winning an Emmy, Isabella isn’t mentioned in the same breath as Nic’s other two daughters.

The most surprising part?

After that kiss in front of Keith with co-star Skarsgård made headlines, we realised it wasn’t the first time it had happened; and in fact, it was a bit of a ‘trend’ for our Nicole.

Footage from the 2003 Oscars shows Nicole going on stage to collect her award for Best Actress in ‘The Hours’ and as she takes the award from Denzel Washington, she chooses to plant a huge kiss right on his lips.

Oh Nic, you little MINX!

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