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Zac Efron Was On Tinder And No One Swiped Right

'Merica, what's going ON with you?

Zac Efron has done a really tremendous job of morphing from High School Musical cutie to Hollywood hunk - like, really tremendous, snaps for Zac - but it turns out even the most beautiful people have trouble finding love.

The Baywatch babe split up with girlfriend Sami Miro back in April and has apparently been trying to get back on the proverbial horse - using Tinder.

But no-one cared.

"Amazingly, when I signed up for Tinder, nobody swiped me!" he sadly (we imagine) told The Times.

"They thought [my profile] was fake."

And he reckons that even if he HAD scored a match, he would have struggled to show who he really is as a person. 

"Dating is something I'll never be able to do. As in the dictionary of dating... A date has to be very long to dispel whatever people think of me."


To console ourselves we've rounded up Zac Efron's hottest moments, in the gallery above.

Keep the chin up, babes. You'll find your lobster soon enough.

Images via Instagram

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