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WTF Troy From MAFS Spotted Getting STEAMY With Carly

When watching this season of Married At First Sight we’ve had a few moments where we think that we may have accidentally sat on the remote and switched the channel over to Wife Swap, because seriously these married couples have been having some trouble with the whole monogamy thing.

Of course everyone knows that Dean and Davina have been keen on doing the dirty with each other and in the upcoming episode tonight it’s been teased that something will finally happen between the pair…despite the fact that they’re married to other people.

BUT Deano and Devilina…we mean Davina… are not the scandalous couple that everyone is talking about this morning. New photos have emerged showing none other than Carly and Troy on a romantic date and things appear to be getting seriously STEAMY.

The pair were spotted locking lips and getting pretty damn touchy-feely in a Melbourne Park with witnesses saying that they clearly didn’t care who saw them.

On the show, Carly Bowyer was hitched to millionaire Justin Fischer. At the current stage of the show things seem to be going quite well for these two but Carly expressed her reservations about Justin’s commitment being more focused on his job rather than on building a relationship.

On the other hand, Troy Delmege said ‘I do’ with Ashely Irvin, who we have to admit we have come to admire as one of the most patient women on the planet based on the fact that she hasn’t completely lost her cool with Troy yet.

Just incase you need an FYI, Troy is the quirky groom who showcased his insane tooth brush and shaving skills, bizarre laugh and vanity on the show. Most of the other contestants, including Carly, have spoken to the camera to express how eccentric and peculiar Troy seemed to be.

But it looks like this tune has since changed for Carly with the pair packing on the serious PDA; smooching, groping and cuddling.

Troy and Carly continue their journey with their separate partners on Married At First Sight tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 9. But I guess we know how these relationships will turn out now…

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