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WTF Apparently Justin & Ash From MAFS Are Dating

Even though we all thought Ash found her TV husband Troy incredibly annoying there’s no doubt that she was completely PISSED about him moving on pretty darn quickly after their break up and falling head over heels for fellow MAFS contestant Carly.

p>She kept going on about being betrayed and girl code and seriously you could pretty much see the steam coming out of her ears!

But now it appears that she’s gotten her revenge as rumour has it, Ash is now dating Carly’s ex from the show, Justin soft serve ice-cream millionaire!!

A super fan of the show caught the pair son a sneaky dinner date at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Sydney. According to Ok! Magazine Justin picked Ash up from the airport before whisking her off to dinner and then back to his bachelor pad in Rose Bay where she allegedly stayed the night.

It’s also no secret that Justin found Ash attractive while on the show. At the infamous boys night Justin admitted that Ash was definitely his type while he saw Carly more like a sister.

Of course, the catch up could’ve been nothing more than old friends catching up, but with the wife swapping trend becoming seriously rampant throughout this season we honestly wouldn’t be surprised Ash and Justin are actually dating.

I guess if you don’t like the outgoing nature of Troy than Justin’s personality would definitely be the opposite. Watching him on TV was about as interesting as watching paint dry…

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