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We've Just Seen The Ring Richie Proposes With Tonight...

He hasn't even got down on bended knee yet, but Bachelor fans caught a glimpse of Richie's choice of engagement ring and they're NOT IMPRESSED. 

While there's been no confirmation yet whether the ring will be given as a promise or an engagement ring fans have labelled it 'ugly' and 'tacky.' 

Source: Network Ten. 

While some fans speculated it look like Nikki's taste in jewellery, we reckon we could see Alex rocking it. 

It seems handing out ugly rings is a Bachelor tradition. Last year Sam Wood presented winner Snezana Markoski with a chunky gold Zamel's ring which many likened to a burger ring.

Source: The Bachelor Memes Page

He did make up for it though, when he proposed, presenting Snez with this beautiful bling.  


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