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We’re 97.9% Sure Kylie Jenner Will Name Her Baby Butterfly

Although the Superbowl may have taken place yesterday and for a long time people were talking about all of the excitement surrounding P!nk singing the National Anthem and JT taking on the highly coveted half time show slot, something much, MUCH bigger happened yesterday that people have not stopped talking about.

Kylie Jenner FINALLY confirmed what we had all suspected for nine months; that she was pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby and has actually given birth to their beautiful daughter on February 1st.

And since then, the internet has been abuzz with people trying to guess what the pair will name their new born. Will she stick to the ‘K’ tradition? Will she go with the name of a city like Kim did? Some people even think that she might name her daughter after one of her Lip Kit lines!

But we have a theory that is much more convincing than any of these combined. We think that Kylie will name her daughter...Butterfly.

Okay, okay we know what you’re thinking, ‘Butterfly Jenner’, although it may be beautiful and feminine, it sounds more like a stripper name than the heir to Kylie’s makeup Empire, but stay with us while we explain the reasoning behind this name.

1. First off, ‘Butterfly’ is the nickname that Travis has for Kylie and in the past he has often referred to her by this nickname on his socials.


2. Secondly, Ky and Trav have matching tattoos of, you guessed it, a tiny little butterfly on their ankles. An image of the matching ink was shared yesterday by tattoo artist Jon Boy who used the post to congratulate the pair on their little bundle of joy.

3. The next piece of evidence comes from May last year, which if our calculations are correct would have been around about the time the Kylie would have found out that she was pregnant. On 27th May Kylie tweeted a single Butterfly emoji and nothing else, with sister Kim replying “Love” to the post.


4. There’s no doubting that the Kar-Jenners get their hands on some pretty incredible jewels and love sharing pics of them on social media, but we’re starting to think that throughout the period of Kylie’s pregnancy her jewellery may have been more telling than we first thought.

In fact, many of her recent pieces have included the Butterfly motif such as a pink ring that she posted on Instagram and a butterfly necklace that she was gifted for her birthday and can be seen wearing in her pregnancy announcement video at around the 2 minute mark.

💞 shoot day

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Happy Birthday @kyliejenner 🦋🔥

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5. On Travis Scott’s latest album he has a song titled ‘The Butterfly Effect’. While this may just be a loving tribute to his girlfriend Kylie, it’s possible that it’s also a tribute to the latest girl in his life, his daughter.

6. And finally, in the eleven minute long video that we were all treated to yesterday that gave us a glimpse into the past nine months of Kylie’s life we were shown some footage of the new bub’s nursery. And what did Kylie use to decorate the walls? Yep, butterflies.


So there you have it, that’s our guess! But I guess we’re going to just have to wait and see if we’re on the money with this one…and if it’s anything like waiting for the actual pregnancy announcement we have a feeling we could be waiting a long time

Source: Cosmopolitan 

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