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Victoria Beckham Gives Her Opinion On The Royal Wedding

All eyes were on the Royal Wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry that went off without a hitch on Saturday 19 May.

The Royals and some of the world’s biggest celebs turned up to St George’s Chapel in Windsor dressed up to the nines ready to watch the couple, who are pretty much the definition of true love, tie the knot.

One celebrity in particular that had people talking was Victoria Beckham, who despite looking absolutely flawless as usual, couldn’t pull out a single smile for the special event.

I mean we know she doesn’t want any wrinkles or lines but seriously girl it looked like she would’ve preferred to be literally anywhere else than the event that other’s would’ve killed to attend.

And so when we heard that the former Spice Girl had spoken about what she thought of the whole celebration we thought that she might have a few critical words to say. But in fact, Becks seemed to be in complete support of the entire event and actually praised Meghan’s choice of dress.

“I thought she looked absolutely beautiful,” said the 44-year-old designer said about the Givenchy gown paired with Queen Mary’s tiara. “It really suited her. I thought it was perfect for her. And Harry looked great.”

Victoria continued with the compliments calling the entire day “beautiful”.

“It was such a beautiful, incredible wedding. It was just the best day. They looked so happy, and everybody was just so happy for them,” she said. “Meghan seems like a genuinely lovely woman who really loves him. It felt very real, very honest.”

And while Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon might’ve proved a bit full on for some of the more conservative royals, Victoria actually thoroughly enjoyed it.

“I thought what he said was very strong and optimistic,” she said. “Very powerful.”

Well we think the Royal wedding truly was a success! I mean if you get Posh Spice’s tick of approval than you really know that you’ve achieved something close to perfect.

And while we don’t feel like we are really worthy of giving advice to Victoria Beckham, we have to say, we reckon you should try a little smile next time girl…


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