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Two My Kitchen Rules Rivals Are Said To Be Officially Dating

They may be the fiercest of competitors on My Kitchen Rules, but it appears they are now dating!

This week, Woman’s Day have released images of Tyson and fellow contestant Courtney on two separate 'flirtatious off-set dates,' claiming 'there's no denying the chemistry.'

The magazine says 'An unlikely couple have found themselves irresistibly drawn together,' 

The pair is seen walking side-by-side and smiling two occasions during a trip to Brisbane, the publication then goes on to say that ‘smitten’ Tyson couldn’t look away from his companion.

See the photos here.

While the pair are currently squaring off in the final four on the show, it appears the couple had no concerns about it all.

Courtney was described as being 'enthralled' as she went pace-for-pace with her on-set rival.

'On another occasion, the foodie duo were caught deep in conversation, enjoying some private time away from the rest of the competitors,' they added.

Looks like they could be the real deal.. for now.

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