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The Truth About Rebel Wilson & Her New Boyfriend

Rebel Wilson and her new boyfriend, Mickey Gooch Jr, fell madly in love at first sight, according to Mickey's best friend.

Dion Basco told the Daily Mail, that Mickey isn't dating Rebel to further his career in comedy and film.

#RangerDanger Let's go NY!

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Mickey is the son of British-born multimillionare banker Michael Gooch senior whose company - GFI Group - is estimated to be worth around $700 million.

The 29-year-old's wealthy family helped him beat his addictions, which made him into the "chilled, fun-loving guy" that's perfect for Rebel.

Dion, 38, who stars alongside Mickey in their new film The Head Thieves told the Daily Mail: "He said he met Rebel and then within five minutes he felt like he'd known her his whole life. It was instant.

"They met, they hit it off, they went to the premiere together and have great chemistry.

"I think she's hilarious and he's pretty funny himself.'

The 35-year-old Pitch Perfect star's romance with the upcoming actor and producer came about after they posted loved-up selfies on their Instagram accounts last month.

Mickey's previous battles with alcohol and drugs have recently emerged, but it's nothing that he keeps a secret, but Dion said that although everyone is aware of his dark past, he keeps a positive outlook on life.

"We're aware of the fact he's had some struggles in his past. We go out and he's sober, but he still likes to go out and have a good time. He'll come out to clubs, he just doesn't partake in any drugs or alcohol. Not that we're people who do drugs or anything," Dion said.

The release of his movie The Head Thieves is coming up.

"We've got a lot of screenings coming up. I would hope Rebel's there to support him as his girlfriend."

#nyc #goRangers

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