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Josh Has Revealed The One Thing He Won't Do With Elyse

They are probably the hottest couple on The Block and have been dating for four-and-a-half years but on Thursday, Josh Barker has revealed he will never propose to Elyse Knowles on TV.

Speaking to OK! Magazine, Josh said 'I think that's quite cheesy,'  before revealing that 'there's no rush.' 

'With us two, it's definitely not going to happen on a television show,' Josh told OK! magazine.

'I think that's quite cheesy. I'd never do that. There's no rush,' the carpenter continued.

Insisting that the program has made their relationship 'stronger', Josh went on to say: 'We've got goals set for the next three, five and 10 years.'  

Elyse also said the same thing in an interview with Mamma, saying 'If we weren't doing it (the show) together, we couldn't have done it otherwise.

'Our relationship helped us get through because we could always rely on the other one to pick you up, back up.

'We always said, if we could get through a renovation, we can get through anything,' Elyse went on to say.    

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