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Georgia Love And Lee Have Come To A BIG Mutual Decision

Last week, there were rumours that The Bachelorette’s Lee and Georgia had split after he deleted mentions of her from his Instagram bio.

However, Lee has now explained why he deleted his lover’s handle and the accompanying heart emoji from his visible profile.

Speaking to OK! magazine on Thursday he reassured fans that loved-up pair were still going strong the decision to remove the name was agreed on.

'Georgia's name was indeed on my bio, but although she is a woman I love with all my heart, respect beyond belief and admire to no end, she doesn't define me,' the mechanical plumber said.

Lee added: 'So it was a mutual decision just to remove it.'

His bio is now very similar to his girlfriend, who regularly posts snaps together but has never written his name in her bio.

Lee says the move was not an indicator of problems with the relationship, saying ‘ 'If you listen to anyone who is close to us, they will tell you what gospel is - we can't get enough of each other!'

Thank goodness we got an answer!

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