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The Actor Who Played Peter Pan Is All Grown Up And HOT

Hands up who had a sexual awakening watching Jeremy Sumpter take on the role of the boy who never grew up in 2003's Peter Pan?

That messy blonde hair, those piercing blue eyes, his cheeky little smile... Like, LOOK at him!


Well bae's now all grown-up; Sumpter is 27 years old and got engaged last December, announcing the happy news on Instagram.

Do you know what else he has on Instagram, though? Lots and lots of pictures of himself.

Enjoy your #labordayweekend everyone! 🙏🏼

A photo posted by Jeremy Sumpter (@jeremysumpterofficially) on

Sumpter has been keeping busy since his Neverland days, picking up a recurring role in American football series Friday Night Lights and 2014 film Into The Storm.

But, just like us, he still has a soft spot for the role that made him famous/ broke a million girls' hearts around the world. 

I can't believe it was 13 years ago today that I booked this role. The role of a lifetime. #peterpan #blessed

A photo posted by Jeremy Sumpter (@jeremysumpterofficially) on

 Looks like Peter Pan changed his mind and did some excellent growing up. 

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