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Roxy Jacenko Tells Us Whether She’s Going To Be In Real Hous

For a few months now, it’s been rumoured that the Real Housewives of Sydney cast was getting a shake-up. Lisa Oldfield has hinted over social media that she and Athena X were out, but this has never been confirmed.

Now, Roxy Jacneko’s name has been thrown into the ring, as a potential addition to the cast.

Can you IMAGINE? We’d get all the insights into Pixie’s bows, and Roxy’s business - and get to see cute little Hunter all day.

Plus, we’d get a behind-the-scenes look at Roxy’s relationship with Olly, ahead of their second marriage.


Intern Pete reached out to Roxy this morning, to get her on the show to confirm the reports - and she promptly answered his text with the news we were fearing, with a text.

‘I’m not on it,’ she wrote.

Gahhhh dammit.

I hope Foxtel get us a good cast together, if it is changing for season two!

Source: Daily Mail

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