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Rebecca Judd Has PULLED Out Of An Event With HOURS To Go

Rebecca Judd has been enjoying the social scene since giving birth two twins six weeks ago but on Wednesday it appears to have got to her.

Judd has left her fans surprised by pulling out of a scheduled event for mummy blogger Sophie Cachia, aka The Young Mummy.

The 33-year-old made the surprising announcement on Instagram, citing ‘mum life crap’ as the reason she pulled out.

So I was supposed to be the mystery guest for @theyoungmummy's #BoobsPubesandBUMP event tomorrow but due to extenuating circumstances (insert 'mum life' crap) I can't come,' she wrote.

There has been no further comment from Judd but she urged her fans to head to the even without her, saying ‘Do it! And tell your boss he/she's a turd if they don't let you have some time off to attend. It's for a great cause after all.'

Although Bec will be absent, fans will still get the opportunity to see Megan Gale and Emma Hawkins.

Proceeds from the ticket sales, which are $160, will go to the St Kilda Mums charity.

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