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People Are Savagely Trolling Khloe Kardashian Over Baby Name

Earlier today Khloe Kardashian broke her social media hiatus to post a photo to Instagram, confirming that she had in fact given birth to her baby girl with Tristan Thompson and that they were both feeling “overwhelmed with love” for their bundle of joy.

In the same post Khloe also announced the all important name of the new Kardashian bub as being True Thompson and at first we were all like ’naw this is cute’! Mostly because we were in a daze by the adorable announcement and distracted by the all pink everything in the insta photo.

Not only that, but Kris took to her own social accounts to give a super adorable explanation to the reasoning behind choosing the name ‘True’ saying that the name had actually been in the family for a long time.

But of course, once the shock and excitement wore off and we stopped to think about the name, we realised just how darn ironic it was. And apparently so did the rest of the world because social media has been a literal sh*t storm of people taking the absolute piss out of it.

Ya’ll ready for a laugh? These are some of our favourite jokes that came from today’s name reveal:

There’s been those who have been confused by the fact that Khloe decided to use Tristan’s last name instead of sticking with the arguably more famous option, Kardashian. Especially when the pair isn’t married and ya know Tristan’s been running around with enough side chicks that he could form female basketball team…

Then there’s those who just reckon the name True Thompson sounds like something straight out of a cartoon. Because apparently the double lettering just doesn’t work unless it’s ‘K’.

But hands down, our absolute favourite joke of them ALL is the way that people are playing on the word True and pointing out how ironic it is that Tristan wasn’t ’true’ to Khloe.

Seriously we can’t deal with some of these!! Which one is your favourite?

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