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People Are PISSED AF At Kendall Jenner For Using One Emoji

Hi everyone and welcome to today's episode of Can Anyone Do Anything Without Copping A Spray Anymore?

As always the answer appears to be no and poor Kendall Jenner is, once again, in the firing line.

The 21-year-old seriously cannot catch a break lately; that ill-advised Pepsi ad seems to have kicked off drama after drama for the usually quiet model, who has even distanced herself from the show that made her famous.

But between the Tupac and Biggie t-shirt scandal, the claims she was glamorising smoking thanks to an utterly jaw-dropping Instagram post and all of the furore about whether or not she actually left a tip at a super sassy New York bar, Kenny has been well and truly under fire the last few months.

This time, though, people have somehow managed to find a reason to be mad over an emoji.

One. Single. Emoji.

The problem, according to Kenny's fans, is that she dared to use a "caramel" skin tone.

Thankfully there are some people on the internet who see sense, which has given us hope that one day, maybe, we'll be able to live in a world where Twitter haters can just chill the heck out.

We can only dream, right?

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