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One Of The I’m A Celeb Stars Has Been Rushed To Hospital

When we first heard one of the star’s from I’m A Celebrity had been rushed to hospital we assumed it must have been a snake bite.

Or perhaps a scorpion sting.

Even a herd of angry hippos would have seemed more believable however, then what we’re about to tell you.

Because one celeb was hospitalised... for eating too much.

Former Miss Universe Australia, Tegan Martin, has revealed she found herself curled up in pain on a hospital stretcher after finally being set free from camp.

Taking to Twitter to share a photo of her ordeal, the 24-year-old told followers the cause of her pain was too much food after living off a very basic jungle diet.

Assuring followers it was just a case of an upset stomach, the star seemed in good humour all things considered.

After losing 4kg during her time on the show thanks to the rice and beans diet, we could only imagine how easy it would be to over indulge when you get out!

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