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No Wonder It Was So Hot This Week, Zac Efron Is In Australia

Yesterday everyone around Australia was feeling a bit feverish with this abnormally hot heatwave. I mean 44 degrees in NSW? It would almost be cooler to take a short trip down to HELL for the day.

But finally we understand why Australia's mercury has been climbing abnormally high recently and we forgive the meteorologists for their HOT predictions as alas, it was not their fault.

In fact, the reason why it has been feeling a little hotter than appears that our boy Zac Efron has taken a little trip down under and he's brought the gun-show with him.


Ahhh all makes sense now right?

Mr Efron is in Australia with his Aussie mate Hugh Jackman for the release of their latest film The Greatest Showman, which premieres tonight.

And duh, this explains why it's going to be another SCORCHER today. You can't have two heartthrobs walking the red carpet and NOT expect it to be hot, hot, HOT right?

So where will you find the genetically blessed pair hanging out while they're down here? The gym of course! Hugh shared a cute snap of him and Zac working on their already bulging muscles.

Showing @zacefron the sights ... #aussie #workout

A post shared by Hugh Jackman (@thehughjackman) on

But we don't think the pair will be staying in Oz long. After all, there are predictions of a cool change coming around by Thursday, so our guess is that they're here for the premiere and then they're choofing off to give some other countries a taste of the heat....

Or you know, it could just be global warming and stuff causing this crazy weather...But our bet is on the Zac Efron thing.

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