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Nice Guys Of Hollywood

Normally the saying goes that nice guys finish last, but this bunch of Hollywood hotties are proving you can be nice AND successful. 

Despite the money, fame and Hollywood parties, these five stars have managed to be.. well, decent human beings. We've ranked the five nicest guys of Hollywood. Let us know if you agree. 

Ryan Gosling
If you fell in love with Ryan Gosling on the Note Book be prepared to fall in love all over again. 

Not only is Mr Gosling beautiful to look at but he's a real life hero. Back in 2012 he saved an English tourist from being hit by a taxi. She was quick to take to Twitter to praise the star's efforts. 

ryan gosling crazy stupid love

Ryan even broke up a street fight the year earlier. With shopping bags in hand he forced the two men apart, quickly attracting screams from passersby who recognised him. Check out the video below. We think we would play it just as cool as the girl filming this...


Tom Hiddleston 

Avengers fans know him best for his role as evil god Loki. But to be honest, most are more familiar with his recent role of being Taylor Swift's new boyfriend. 

While it wasn't a great look for them both being photographed pashing at the beach so soon after T-Swizzle's split from Calvin Harris, there's a big reason why Tay Tay moved on so quickly. 

GIPHY Studios Originals taylor swift tom hiddleston

Offscreen Tom is the perfect English gentleman. He's well known for holding doors open for others and being an all round helpful guy.

He once offered his jacket to a reporter who was cold on the red carpet and even bought one journalist a canister of soup after they asked him to on Twitter. Tom, if you're reading this, we could go a home made pizza right now? 

He's also not afraid to show off his softer side, having broken down in tears in the past, during emotional speeches. 

To top it off Tom is a Unicef ambassador. Nice work Taylor. 

Daniel Radcliffe

Despite growing up in the spotlight as the star of the Harry Potter movies, Daniel Radcliffe has taken a very different path to most child stars. 

While he's stayed on the straight and narrow, he's carved a reputation as being one of the friendliest stars to hit the red carpet.  

Daniel supports an array of charities, including Book Aid International, Broadway Care, Comic Relief and Demelza.

Despite rumours about his sexuality, he says he's straight, but thinks the rumours are 'awesome.' That's because Daniel is a strong advocate for the LGBTQ community. He's led suicide prevention groups and isn't afraid to speak out. 

Like his co-star, Emma Waston, Daniel's a self confessed feminist. 

"I think anyone who isn't at this point is just swimming against the tide just like people who are vaguely homophobic or racist or whatever it it," he told British HQ.  

He also slammed the term 'friend zone' in interviews saying it objectifies women as it infers men just see them as sex objects. Can he get any nicer!?  

following harry potter gif yes gif daniel radcliffe gif clap gif

But don't be fooled by his posh British exterior, Daniel's got a 'bad boy' side too. He shocked everyone when he revealed he could rap live on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Who doesn't love a good boy pretending to be bad!? If you don't believe us click below. 

Jon Hamm 

While he plays a baddie in Mad Men, Jon Hamm is the total opposite in real life.

He's been described by co stars as being incredibly loyal with amazing manners and common decency. 

At College Jon worked as a day care teacher before graduating with a degree in English. We can imagine all the mum's swooning over him.

He went on to teach drama at his old high school before breaking into Hollywood.

He's also been known to support a long list of charities, including the Alzheimer's Association and Communities in Schools. 

Hugh Jackman 
While women want him and men want to be him, it hasn't stopped Hugh Jackman for being known universally as the nicest guy in Hollywood. 

Hugh praises his dad for teaching him manners and respect at a young age and is a little surprised by the constant 'nice guy' tag. 

“People say to me ‘wow, you’re so down to earth and nice, and for me that feels normal,” he said. 

It's not hard to see why he's had the reputation for some many years.He's been linked to numerous charities, such as the Global Poverty Project and the Worldwide Orphans Foundation. 

His marriage with Deborah Lee Furness, 13 years his senior, has been nothing short of picture perfect looking in. There's never been a single cheating rumour and from all reports he's the perfect dad. 

He's also widely known for his great relationship with the media. Remember when he photobombed a reporter? 

On a side note - Hugh is set to turn 48 in two months!! Who knew!? - He looks amazing. 

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