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My Kitchen Rules Has A Brand New Fourth Judge!

It’s the cooking show that gets everyone worked up but while we are yet to see the season premiere of My Kitchen Rules, fans are already debating.

A new promo for the show sees a mystery fourth judge appear and it has fans chatting about just who it could be.

In the new preview, a suave looking gentlemen could be seen getting out of a car, and he joins existing judges Pete Evans, Manu Feildel and Colin Fassnidge inside a contestant's home.

 While the man's face remains hidden, he appears to have a tall, slender build and is wearing a grey suit.

Fans are pretty sure it looks like Curtis Stone, but others think it could be a former contestant. On Twitter, one fan said ‘#MKR Calling it now - 'new' judge is Luke Hines - former MKR contestant and also a paleo nut.'

Another thinks it is Drasko Jankovic from season six as ‘Colin hired him as a chef at his restaurant.’

However, the majority of guesses on Facebook were for Curtis Stone with one saying ‘I think the 4th judge is Curtis Stone simple his been in Australia on surprise visits for the past couple of months and he is also part of the U.S. version, so his my top pick (sic),' another person has speculated on Facebook. ‘’

My Kitchen Rules will begin at the end of January.

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