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Kendall Jenner's Bare Ass Just Broke The Damn Internet

A lot is written about the Kardashians - not all of it good - but every now and again it feels appropriate to drop an appreciation post for them.

They're never boring, are they? There's not a day that goes by that they don't give us something to talk about, and for that we're grateful.

And, since we're on the topic of things to be grateful for, let's take a moment to shout-out Kendall Jenner who, for the most part, flies under the radar and tries to keep her private life just that - private.

Because that means that when Kenny does Instagram, it's usually something ~arty~ or unusual or worth a look, unlike Kylie's multiple versions of the same pout.

Case in point? This belfie (that's a bum selfie, for the uninitiated) that'd put older sister Kim to shame.


A post shared by Kendall (@kendalljenner) on

We're not going to pretend to understand the caption (does that 84° refer to the weather, or the angle?) but why would we need to?

Kendall has done exactly what we love her for: She has entertained us, given us something to talk about and distracted us from whatever horrible thing Donald Trump has done now.

Cheers, mate. Appreciate it.

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