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Meghan Markle's Real Name Isn't Meghan

By now, unless you've been living under a rock, you should know the name Meghan Markle. And that is because earlier this week the American actress became engaged to non other than Prince Harry.

And while all of the reporters around the world are still trying to decide how to pronounce Meghan, we came across some news that we found quite shocking, and hilarious at how coincidental it is!

Meghan's name isn't actually Meghan!


Really though when you think about it, Hollywood actresses changing their names isn't all too uncommon, but the really shocking news in this story is what her REAL name actually's Rachel!

And if you don't get why that might be funny, let us shed some light for you. Rachel, became famous for playing a paralegal in the TV show Suits and her character's name was non other than Rachel Zane!

This revelation came to light during an interview with UKTV Play, where the future Duchess was asked if she had a middle name.

"Yes, it's Meghan," she replied. "My first name is actually Rachel."

Now people are beginning to wonder whether she will continue to go by the name Meghan or if she will have to change it back to Rachel when she enters the royal family.

But of course she wouldn't be the only royal to go by a different name either, as her fiance's real name is actually Henry, and no one seems to mind addressing him as Harry.

Plus if we have to start calling her Rachel we're never going to get over the fact that she has to leave Suits...RIP Mike and Rachel's love.

Better stick with Meghan, Miss Markle.

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