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Married At First Sight's Andrew Has DUMPED Cheryl

He is a man who is truly set on finding love.

And apparently, Married At First Sight’s Andrew Jones is on to his third attempt to form a romantic relationship, which has put the show into chaos.

The Bachelor is now courting one fo the show’s blonde twins, Michelle Marsh, who he already knew from their hometown of Perth, according to The Daily Telegraph.

'The situation with Andrew is tearing apart the whole show,' an insider had initially told Woman's Day.

'You’d think Cheryl and Lauren would hate him after he dumped them both, but they’re still texting him and reaching out, and they’re also talking to each other behind his back,' the source continued.

Andrew originally married single mother Lauren, 33, on the first episode of the season but she decided to leave just 24-hours later.

He then came back to date Cheryl, 25, but recently told TV Week that had been unsure about her commitment to her.

'I wasn't sure whether she had a genuine interest in me or just wanted to be part of the experiment,' he said. 

Michelle and Andrew knew each other from playing mixed netball together in Perth before appearing on the show.

The blonde beauty had married Adelaide-based Jesse Konsantioff, and the pair is reported to have spent January together deciding whether or not they wished to remain together.

However, she is said to be getting close to Andrew, someone she has known the whole time.

'That’s the crazy thing about the show,' said the Women’s Day source.

'He married one girl, hooked up with another one, yet the whole time his perfect match was right there in front of him,' they continued

Married At First Sight continues tonight on Channel 9 at 7:30 PM.

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