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MAFS' Billy Vincent Lashes Out At NRL Star Todd Carney

They have been one of the more controversial couples since they first met on Married At First Sight last month, but it appears Billy Vincent's defensive instincts have kicked in after witnessing his 'wife' making out with an NRL star.

The 28-year-old has lashed out at Susie Bradley after the single mum was spotted kissing NRL star Todd Carney in Brisbane. 

"What can I say? That's a really hard one for me, I have mixed feelings about that," the personal trainer told The Daily Telegraph.

"You can really see Susie's judge of character by the people that she hangs out with.

"I don't know the guy but, look, those two go together like..." Billy said before being cut off by his MAFS publicist.

Billy also admitted to being frustrated by the way he acted on the show.

"I treated her with respect... I look at the TV and go, 'Why were you such a gentleman to her,'" he confessed.

Earlier this week, Susie featured in one of Carney's mother's photos of the family enjoying dinner in Byron Bay. undefined

undefinedSource: Facebook

While the show is airing, contestants are urged not to release any images or comments that may spoil the show's storyline.

The single mother was also spotted watching Carney's Byron Bay Red Devils game on Saturday. Images of the two getting cosy surfaced shortly after.

Billy Vincent has described the show as a "roller coaster".

"I was really being myself... you can’t put on those tears."

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Billy and Susie joined the show as intruders last week. Their relationship made headlines after viewers criticised the 25-year-old for verbally abusing her 'husband' Billy.

"This is only the tip of the iceberg, there’s a lot of things that the public didn’t get to see," Vincent told the publication.

"Nobody deserves to be treated like that and I don’t think that I acted in any kind of way to deserve to be treated like that so it annoys me.

"I lost the plot quite a bit but I still was a gentleman."

Married At First Sight continues Sunday at 7PM on Channel Nine.

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