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Kylie Jenner Gives Fans First Glimpse Of Baby Bump

You know when you're watching a TV show like Friends or How I Met Your Mother and one of the main stars is pregnant but they're trying to pretend she's not?

So all of a sudden their character starts carrying massive handbags in front of their belly or spending a lot of time standing behind benches or with a cushion on their lap.

Well Kylie Jenner is legit doing that in real life, wearing clothes so baggy they could be used as an eight-man tent and only taking photos from the waist up.

Except our girl messed up. She panned down a little too far in a recent Snapchat video and gave us a good look at her growing baby bump and, even though she's since deleted it, it's too late.


We saw it! That is a definite preggo belly - and, actually, preggo boobs.

Kylie's pregnancy is quickly becoming the worst kept secret in Hollywood; despite confirmation from her father and the increasingly obvious signs, not a single word about the bub has come from Kylie herself.

At this point, we're assuming there's going to be the mother-of-all reveals on an episode of this season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Living for the drama.

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