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Kim Kardashian Threw Major Shade At Taylor Swift On Insta

As the end of 2017 approaches, people are starting to prepare their resolutions for the upcoming New Year and are getting ready for all of the changes that 2018 will bring.

One thing that we are pretty certain won't change at all though in the New Year is the long-term feud between kim Kardashian/Kanye West and Taylor Swift.

The Kardashian-West's and Swift have had beef ever since Kanye's 2016 song Famous (which contains the classic line "I feel like Taylor Swift still owe me sex/I made that bitch famous) was released.

Since then there has been passive aggressive digs back and forth between the trio for a year.

And just last week Kim seemed to add fuel to the fire, posting an image to her instagram account, which fans think was an attempt to throw MASSIVE shade Swift's way.

The image shows Kim taking a photo of a wax exhibit featuring her naked husband lying in bed with an equally naked Taylor Swift and other celebrities. She captioned the image 'Famous' sparking speculation that the feud was well and truly still on.


A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Fans were quick to come to Tay Tay's defence posting a combination of snake and rat emoji's under the photo and one Swifty even commented,

"You're just made that Taylor's new album is her most successful yet and you still have no talent." Wow... Harsh!

But it seems that Taylor doesn't need her fans to fight her battles for her, as the next day her own instagram saw the addition of a cryptic post.

The 'Look What You Made Me Do' singer uploading a photo from her British Vogue spead with the caption, "I never trust a narcissist. But they love me...", which are lyrics from her song, 'I Did Something Bad.'

I never trust a narcissist But they love me...

A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Fans of both stars seemed to think this was a shady response to Kim's original shade...basically it's so shady out there in the celebrity instagram world that the sun isn't even visible anymore.

Can't we all just be friends guys?

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