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Kendall Jenner Said To Be Dating An Aussie Basketball Star

It’s true that a lot of women have a type when it comes to the guys that they date and it appears that Kendall Jenner’s is tall, sporty guys that are skilled on the Basketball court.

Just months after reports circled that the model split from basketball player Blake Griffin, who plays for the Detroit Pistons, it’s now rumoured that she’s dating another basketball player, Aussie Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers.

It’s almost time PHILLY ✅ #HereTheyCome x #PhilaUnite

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The romance is said to have started between the 22-year-old model and 21-year-old b-ball star according to a source.

The source told Page Six that the pair were spotted on a night out with friends recently in Manhattan and looked incredibly happy and giggly. Another source also said that they were seen grabbing lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel last week. 

Of course the relationship is just a rumour so far, but NBA fans have already begun tweeting about the pairing in a sort of warning to Ben, saying that any Basketball player who gets together with a Kar/Jenner is playing with fire. (Case in point Tristan Thompson…But hey that was his own fault really)

A lot of people have been tweeting saying that Ben’s career will be over and the hashtag #Kardashiancurse has been appearing all over social posts about the pair. The comment is basically referring to a superstition that any NBA player who gets involved with a Kardashian will have bad luck thrust upon them.

And well, if this curse really is true, it seems that it’s already come into play because since the gossip of Ben dating Kendall came out, Ben has been hammered on twitter for allegedly cheating on his previous girlfriend, Tinashe.

Tinashe was first linked to the basketball player back in March and today her younger brother Kudzai has thrown some serious hate Ben’s way accusing him of cheating on Tinashe with Kendall.

But as we said before, nothing is really confirmed between Ben and Kendall. I guess we’ll just have to see how Ben plays in his next basketball game to know whether they're actually dating for sure. If he misses a free throw we’ll know that the Aussie has definitely been hit by the curse.

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