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Jen Hawke From The Bachelor Has Just Fired Up Again

She has been called a ‘delusional freak and peasant’ by former Bachelor star Keira Maguire but Jen Hawke’s feud isn’t over yet!

Hawke has dismissed Maguire’s claims saying she is 'the best villain Australia has ever seen.'

Speaking to News Corp on Friday, the Sydney marketing manager said she played the role of villain much better than Keira did last year.

'Based on the fact that she is having a serious bitch about me and attacking me in public, I would say I am definitely doing a better job than she is,' Jen boasted.

'And she's trying to cling onto some limelight for a little bit longer.

She continued: 'All I could think was 'Seriously babe, you haven't extended your vocabulary in a year, you can't move beyond that scope.''

When the show started last month, Keira slammed Jen for likening her to former bachelorette Elizabeth Duncan, Keira said on Instagram 'How's the chick saying that someone else is me when they're pinning her as the villain.’’

'What a delusional FREAK! What a freak!'

On Thursday night we saw Jen make a dramatic exit from the mansion following a confrontation with the other Bachelorette’s.

When confronted about her 'mean girl' antics, Jen was reduced to tears and later stormed out of the Bachelor mansion with her luggage.

'I just want to go. The house, it's full of b*tches that are 100% fake. I would not trust them as far as I can throw them. I want to go,' she complained to a producer.

'I'm so over these b*tches. I just want to go home. I'm so above Mean Girls.

She continued: 'I graduated high school ages ago. I'm a 'no bullsh*t' kind of girl, and the fact that I don't fake it seems to bother people a lot. I know what I did was just game-changing. I know it was game-changing for him, I know it was game-changing for me, out there, I know that.' 

The Bachelor airs on Channel Ten.

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