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Jarrod Woodgate And Keira Maguire Are Reportedly In Love

Jarrod Woodgate and Keira Maguire are names that everyone would recognise from the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise. But not because they found fact they're well known for all of the wrong reasons.

Keira is known for being the resident villain in the bachelor mansion on Richie Strahan's season and for her very memorable resting bitch face.

Whereas Jarrod was labelled the clingy, crazy boyfriend of the latest bachelorette season with Sophie Monk. How could anyone forget that love fern...

But while neither of them found love on their respective seasons, it appears that they may have found a bit more luck on the upcoming show Bachelor in Paradise...with EACH OTHER!

That's right, rumour has it that despite Keira's ego being hurt by her rejection from Richie, and even though Jarrod was hopelessly in love with Sophie a mere two months ago, both have now moved on.

The pair have been spotted getting cozy on a date with each other while the show is being filmed over in Mango Bay, Fiji.

This comes just a week after New Idea released a story claiming that Jarrod and Keira had fallen 'head-over-heels in love' while filming the new reality show.

"Since [filming began] it's been game on for them...Jarrod is completely smitten and thinks Keira is The One," claimed an insider. (Oh dear...we smell love fern 2.0 coming soon)

"He said they have an amazing connection and Keira seems just as into him."

"She's been a little more guarded about her feelings, but is constantly by his side and smiles at everything he says. It's looking to be one of the great Bachelor romances," the source continued.

Well we couldn't agree more with that one. Keira wanted all of the attention when on the Bachelorette and we can't think of someone more perfect for the job than loving, devoted and okay somewhat obsessive Jarrod.

And if this evidence wasn't telling enough about a pending romance between the two, an eagle-eyed person on social media has spotted that Keira had recently commented a red love heart emoji on one of Jarrod's instagram photos.

But of course, like all season's of the Bachie franchise, contestants for Bachelor in Paradise are likely to be tied up in confidentiality agreements, meaning we probably won't get direct confirmation of their budding romance until after the show airs.

The Bachelor in Paradise will air on Network Ten in 2018 and will feature other season favourites including Michael Turnbull, Ali Oetjen, Jake Ellis, Megan Marx and Tara Pavlovic.

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