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MAFS Jonesy May Move On With Another Reality Star

It looks like Married At First Sight’s Andrew ‘Jonesy’ Jones has managed to ‘help’ another reality TV contestant.

And according to Seven Year Switch bride Kaitlyn, it’s her!


'It's good that we can make friends out of this,' Kaitlyn told New Idea this week.

Her new friend has stepped in as a shoulder to cry on as her relationship with Mark remains on the edge.

'Someone that has reached out is Jonesy,' the 29-year-old revealed.

'He's being supportive, you know - "I hope you're doing well," that type of thing.

The former webcam performer insists bonding with those who've been in the same 'situation' is good for the healing process.

Fireman Jones is known for entering Married At First Sight, seeing his wife runaway after he allegedly ‘lost his sh**’ at her and then on attempt two with Cheryl Maitland.. they just hated each other.

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