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Huda Beauty and Jeffree Star Reignite Their Feud

The infamous beef between multi-millionaire Jeffree Star and Huda, of Huda Beauty has resurfaced and its spicier than ever.

In a recent upload on Jeffree's YouTube channel, titled 'Full Face of Brands That Hate Me', Jeffree reignited the fire and recapping for anyone who missed it.

A small indie brand, 'BeautyBakerie' released a translucent powder for baking and the campaign included, well, baking.


Shortly after, Huda Beauty released a VERY similar campaign for a setting powder called 'EasyBake Setting Powder', clearly inspired by the smaller brand but refused to acknowledge that she even saw the campaign, let alone blatantly copied it.


Not to mention the fact the campaign didn't even make sense for the Huda Beauty brand, as they usually lean towards rich tones and desert vibes whereas this campaign was very domestic and pastel inspired. Weird.


Huda Beauty DM'd Jeffree on Insta in a bullshit attempt to smooth things over and clear her name but Jeffree was having none of it.

So the tea is, Huda is finished.

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