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HOLY SH*T: Everyone Thinks Kylie Jenner Is Kim’s Surrogate

I saw a report today that Kylie Jenner is actually Kim and Kanye’s surrogate.

Go on, laugh. I’ll allow the time. It’s what I did at first too… like, come on?

It seems less than likely, but if you stop and think about the time frame, it could actually make sense.

We all know Kim had major issues during her first two pregnancies, suffering from preeclampsia and weight gain.

They’ve all but confirmed they’re using a surrogate to bring baby number three into the world, but it has never been identified who - for obvious reasons.

Now that reports are Kylie’s up the duff, and she hasn’t been with new boyfriend Travis Scott THAT long - all of five months - many are speculating that Kylie is in fact Kim and Kanye’s baby carrier.

Twitter is very suspicious.

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