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Holly Valance Is At The Centre Of A SHOCKING Court Trial

Australian soap star and singer Holly Valance has been dragged into a lawsuit that involves allegations of blackmail, extortion and intimidation against her billionaire husband Nick and his brother Christian.

Mark and Emma Holyoake are suing the property tycoon brothers for £132 million ($AUD 213 million) in a dispute over a £12 million ($AUD 19 million) loan.

The case, which has just reached court, is about Nick being bullied by Christian who leads to Christian and his wife hating Ms Valance so much that they tried to talk Nick out of her marrying her.

In the claim, Mr Holyoake states that he took a loan from Christian Candy’s company to finance a property scheme, following the collapse of his business.

He then claims he was forced to pay back $60 million on a two-year loan.

The father of three is seeking compensation for lost profits, overpayments, legal costs and aggravated damages. He alleges Christian Candy repeatedly threatened to destroy his life and ruin his business during a campaign of blackmail and intimidation which left him fearing for his life.

The trial has taken a sensational turn after ti was revealed that Mrs Holyoake fears she wold be killed because of other mysterious deaths involving the Candys.

“I used to worry constantly that Christian might take steps to hurt or even kill Mark when Mark travelled on business,” she said, according to a report published by the UK Telegraph.

“I used to warn Mark constantly to take care, to ensure that he wasn’t being set up, to make sure he kept himself as safe as possible.

“I thought that the simplest way for Christian to resolve his issue with Mark would just be to get rid of Mark.

“This is not as outlandish as it seems. There are men in the Candys’ extended circle who have died mysteriously.”

Holly will be present throughout the trial and may be called to give evidence.

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