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Hailey Baldwin Was HOW Late To Her Own Birthday Party?

We don't know about you, but when it's our birthday, we're usually first ones at the bar.

Not so for Hailey Baldwin though; the 20-year-old model, who is in Sydney to launch her collaboration with beauty brand Model Co, rocked up seriously late to a party thrown in her honour.

In fact Hailey was so late - by more than an hour - that several of her guests had already left by the time she hit the pink carpet. 

The bash, which was held at Mrs Sippy in the Eastern Suburbs, saw a model-heavy guest list that even Leonardo DiCaprio would have been impressed by, including Tahnee Atkinson, Kate Waterhouse and Tai Harra.

Hailey was looking pretty incredible when she did arrive though, so we guess everything was quickly forgotten.

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