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Georgie Calls Karl ‘Pathetic’ On Today Show This Morning

In case you’re not caught up on the Peter and Karl Stefanovic Uber Gossip Sesh scandal by now, or what has now been labelled Ubergate, let us quickly catch you up to speed.

Basically, Peter called Karl while riding in the back of an Uber and put the phone on speaker. It is then alleged by the Uber driver that the pair had been venting about their channel 9 colleagues including Karl’s Today Show co-host, Georgie Gardner.

New Idea have since published the Uber driver’s apparent recollections from the conversation, in which he accuses Karl of calling Georgie too “neutral” and that she needed to “step up” if she wanted to remain on the show. Karl and Peter have now apologised for the embarrassing ordeal.

While no one mentioned in the alleged conversation between the Stefanovic brothers have made any sort of statement or acknowledgement about the incident, there was visible tension between Karl and Georgie during the Today Show this morning.

In fact, Georgie actually called her co-host “pathetic” during a segment about sausage dogs.

A light hearted segment on the show showed a parade in the UK featuring the adorable puppies, but Karl said that he was scared of the Dachshund breed of dog after being bitten by one as a child. He pretended that he couldn’t even watch the footage of the puppies.

Georgie humoured Karl slightly by sarcastically calling the dogs “menacing”. She then turned to glare at Karl and say, “Well, it’s probably about now I should call you pathetic.”

While the context made it appear that Georgie was simply talking about her co-host being afraid of a tiny little dog, the tone in her voice and the stone-cold look on her face while she took a dig at him speaks VOLUMES. Not to mention you could cut the awkward tension during the segment with a knife!

Check out the uncomfortable moment for yourself in the video above!

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