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Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby Admits To Secret Surgery

Charlotte Crosby has admitted to undergoing plastic surgery last month after cruel taunts by online trolls.

The Geordie Shore star is no stranger to going under the knife but told Heat magazine that she had chosen to have a procedure to fix her "deformed" boobs and give her the bust she had always wanted.

Eagle-eyed fans picked up on the change almost immediately, bombarding Crosby's social media with questions about her altered appearance.


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But the 27-year-old revealed that it was body-shaming from online trolls that had prompted her to finally take the plunge and fix the medical condition, which she was born with.

"My uniboob [made] me feel under-confident," Crosby confessed. 

"It really limited what I could wear without people saying, 'What the f*ck's wrong with her boobs?'

"I didn't want to always have to wear high necks so you couldn't see the middle of my boobs. Even when I wore a bikini on holiday, I had to cover the middle bit."

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Crosby continued: "If a picture of me is online, people say things like 'What is wrong with her boobs? They're deformed! They're stuck together'.

"I [had the surgery] because of the comments I got online about my boobs."

The three-hour operation, which saw the connective tissue underneath her boobs removed, has now given Crosby a chest she describes as a "10".

"Because they've all been stitched up underneath, it's changed the shape of my boobs a bit," she added. "It's kind of given them a lift."

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