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Former Married At First Sight Contestant Breaks Silence

If you’ve ever watched ‘Married At First Sight’, you’ll know that couples are matched based on a psychologist’s assessment and then marry after meeting for the first time on their wedding day.

It’s a show that shocked most of the nation, due to it’s approach to marriage. Now, one of the former contestants, Clare Verrall, has spoken out as she is now off contract - and it would have Channel Nine in a spin.

She revealed to Kyle and Jackie O that she didn’t get out of bed for a month after the show ended because she was so upset.

She took to Twitter last night to call bullshit on the show to call bullshit on all the relationships, exposing that they all broke up after the finale.

Via tweets, she explained that there is NO three-month catch-up, as the show makes out - as all couples broke up within weeks.

She also revealed that the ‘experts’ or ‘psychologists’ don’t make the matches, the executive producer of the show does.

She says there is ‘no psychology behind these matches’.

She finishes by stating she will never ‘watch the life-ruining trash TV EVER AGAIN’ and said they’re ‘ratings grab is pathetic.’

As for love after ‘Married At First Sight’, she says the whole experience has really put her off for a while.

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