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Fans Spot "Sex Toy" In Kim Kardashian's Instagram Post

Kim Kardashian works extremely hard on Instagram; her return to social media after her traumatic ordeal in Paris last year brought with it an entirely new ~aesthetic~ that, she admits, she thinks about a LOT.

And we're not just talking about captions here, either. Go take a quick look at her feed, we'll wait here.

Notice anything? She no longer posts any selfies - she reckons they're "done" - and everything is filtered exactly the same way, and to perfection.

Like, if she wasn't a reality star people would probably call it artistic. Probably.

Anyway, despite the considerable effort Kimmy puts into each post, even SHE makes mistakes, this time with the, uh, positioning of a certain beauty tool.

Here's the offending post. Spot anything?

Daily Routine @kkwbeauty

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Yes, us - and pretty much every follower - too; the comments section descended into hilarity as users started questioning what exactly Kim was trying to show off.

"Sorry but was I the only one who thought that contour stick was a vibrator at first quick glance?" one wrote while another posted: "At first i thought... never mind."

Not everyone was as diplomatic as that, though.

"Nice dildo!" was swiftly followed by: "Looks like a vibrator."

It's not the first time one of Kim's social media post has been called out for looking like something it isn't; the 36-year-old was forced to explain away what looked like two lines of cocaine in the background of a Snapchat video recently, blaming faults in the marble countertop for the powdery appearance.

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