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Fans Spot Something Strange In Justin Bieber's Tattoo Photo

Justin Bieber's latest Instagram photo may have been intended to show off his brand new body tattoo but eagle-eyed fans have spotted something entirely more disturbing.

Because once followers had gotten over JB's enormous ink, their gaze dropped to the bathroom counter and the random assortment of items gathered beside the sink.

It is, as far as toiletries go, a mixed bag; amid the deodorant and hairspray sits orange juice, coconut water and a packet of biscuits.

The issue for fans, though, is the spoon, which appears to be discarded beside the remnants of a black powder.

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"Why does he have a little spoon in the bathroom?" one commenter wrote while a second questioned: "Why is there a spoon in your bathroom? Also a weird black residue."

And one user, solliiiiii, got straight to the point, simply writing: "Heroin."

In our opinion, that spoon is probably being used for the absolute heap of supplements piled up in a box to the left of the photo.

And that black residue? Cast your mind back to when Kim Kardashian was forced to point out a flaw in the marble of her kitchen counter, which looked like a line of white powder on Snapchat.

Regardless, it's probably time Bieber stopped eating in the bathroom.

THAT should be the real concern here.

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