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Cardi B Has Completely Deleted Her Instagram Account

Cardi B is not here for the haters on social media, and she’s proved as much after taking the very bold step of completely deleting her Instagram account after getting into a pretty nasty feud with fellow rapper Azalea Banks.


It all started when Banks appeared on The Breakfast Club for an interview and she started throwing around a bunch of insults about the ‘Bodak Yellow’ rapper.

And tbh, even though we love the Azaelia's outspoken attitude most of the time, the harsh names that she had for Cardi like that she was “illiterate, untalented rat” and a “caricature of a black woman” were taking things way too far.

“Two years ago, the conversation surrounding black women’s culture was really reaching an all-time high,” said Banks to the radio show hosts. “There was just this really, really really intelligent conversation going on nationally and then everything just kind of changed and then it was like Cardi B.”

Banks went on in the interview to also refer to Cardi as a “poor man’s Nicki Minaj” and accused her of not writing “Bodak Yellow” on her own, which was the song that made Cardi famous.

Soon after the interview surfaced, Cardi deleted her Instagram account and also made her tweets “protected” which means they’re no longer available to the public.


But before taking the high road and choosing to ignore the situation, Cardi of course had one thing to say in response to Banks. And some sneaky fans managed to screen shot it.

In her last point of revenge, Cardi also posted a video of Banks dancing to her song “Bodak Yellow” in a club. 

And now it's complete utter silence from the Cardi Camp. Let's hope she comes back to the world of social media in time for the birth of her baby girl in the next few months!

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