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Did You SEE Ryan Reynolds' Face At Taylor Swift's Party?!

In a way we were kind of judging Ryan Reynolds for going to Taylor Swift's 4th of July bash.

I mean, it kind of comes across that he would be cooler than this.

And with rumours swirling that Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are NOT actually dating and that their relationship is just a show for a new album Taylor is about to drop, seeing Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively hanging out with the pair and a bunch of other famous faces, we just assumed either Ryan and Blake are IN on the trick Tay Tay is trying to pull, or else Ryan really loves to Shake It Off just like the rest of us!

But then came THIS picture of Ryan, posing in a couples shot that he looks like he reaaaally doesn't want to be a part of.

Look at this blank stare and the regret all over his face, and fans have been quick to point it out saying that Ryan Reynolds seems confused to find himself suddenly friends with Taylor Swift and commenting that he looks like he is suffering through every single one of the pics.

Fair point!


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