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Delta Goodrem Has Hit A Bit Of Trouble

She is one of the biggest stars in Australia but Delta Goodrem has hit a bit of trouble in Los Angeles.

The Voice cause was turned away from a trendy restaurant called Laurel Hardware because she was eating while trying to enter the night spot.

Delta ended up being stopped by security as she tried to walk straight through the entrance while still eating fast food.

The security guard pulled her over to signal for her to finish off her food and Delta attempted to wolf down her taco but the bouncer still denied her entry. 

He later signalled to the singer that she try another venue down the street.  

Delta was joined by rumoured love interest Hugh Sheridan on the night out, with the couple adding fuel to the fire that they are more than just friends by meeting up in LA.

Hugh, 32, appeared to be singing as Delta chomped on her taco while wiggling her hips without a care in the world.

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