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Cosmo BOTY Is Doing The SWEETEST Thing With His Prize Money

While we were all sitting at home eating pasta in front of the air conditioning on Wednesday night, some of Australia's hottest, most accomplished bachelors were descending on The Ivy in Sydney's CBD.

Yeah, we know. Our invites got lost too.

The Bachelor of the Year Awards, which used to be run by now-defunct Aussie mag Cleo have been deftly taken over by Cosmopolitan and, aptly enough, Tinder, to keep our appetite for homegrown hotties sufficiently sated.

But it turns out that this year's newly crowned champ, Ryan Anderson, is more than just a pretty face; the RSPCA Inspector - yes, he works with poor, defenceless animals - only entered the competition to make sure he could use his power for good.


Yes, really.

Apparently, Ryan's donating his $5,000 prize money to supporting rescue animals, and plans to use his newfound fame for raising awareness about adopting rescue pups.

"We'll just get a report saying 'The next door neighbour isn't feeding his dog. It's skin and bones,'" Ryan told reporters at the event.

"We'll go over there, assess the situation and decide what the best outcome is for the dog.

"We can legally direct people to take their animals to the vet, we can seek prosecution to stop them from reoffending."

So, basically, Ryan, what you're saying is that you're the perfect man.

Call us.


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