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Charlotte Crosby's Ex On the Beach Co-Star Has SLAMMED Her

Grab some popcorn, folks, because a new celebrity feud just exploded and the nastiness levels have gone from zero to 100 in a SNAP.

Kayleigh Morris, one of the questionable contestants on Ex On The Beach, has launched a verbal attack on co-star Charlotte Crosby, labelling her a fake "piece of sh*t" with double standards.


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"We kind of knew before Lillie [Lexie Gregg, Gaz Beadle's ex-girlfriend] went in, that there was going to be a lot of dug up secrets and it was going to be a little bit hurtful for her," Kayleigh told OK! magazine.

"But I needed her to do the show because of the amount that Charlotte was going on about her. She would just never ever retaliate because she's not that kind of person.

"Lille needed to prove to people she's not like that - she's never sold a story on Gaz, she's never talked about their relationship.

"Charlotte is just a piece of sh*t who's jealous of her anyway because she's just literally nothing, and Lillie has everything going for her. She doesn't have to do some sh*t story in the press to be something.

Damn, girl. Tell us how you really feel.

But that wasn't all Kayleigh had to say.

She continued: "All the Geordie Shore followers think they're angels and they do no wrong and Charlotte's the Queen... Little do they know she's literally the most malicious person I've ever met in my life.

"To the camera she's goofy and acts like she doesn't know what the f*ck's going on, but she's very clued on. It's not great.

"I've never hated someone so much in my entire life."

Anyone else doing this face right now?


We can't imagine it'll be very long before Charlotte fires back; things are going to get MEAN.

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