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Caitlyn Jenner Has Lashed Out At A Pregnant Kylie Jenner

It looks like Caitlyn Jenner confirming her youngest daughter's pregnancy has come back to bite her in the ass.

The former Olympian's rep told information-hungry media that she had been told Kylie was expecting "some time ago", making her the only member of the family to publicly comment on the rumours.

But now Kylie isn't answering any of her father's calls and only Caitlyn can't figure out why.

"Cait's left Kylie dozens of messages, sent flowers and gifts - but she's not heard a peep back for weeks," a family friend told Star magazine.

"It's so upsetting and confusing to her, why would her youngest child freeze her out like this?"

The report comes weeks after Hollywood Life claimed Caitlyn was furious at her 20-year-old daughter for falling pregnant with her boyfriend of just a few months, Travis Scott.

According to the website, Cait thinks Kylie is "too young to have a baby" and "should have waited until she was in a long-term committed relationship".

Suddenly Kylie's shade is starting to make a lot more sense, hey Caitlyn?

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