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Blake Lively Deleted ALL Insta Posts & Unfollowed Her Hubby

While usually filled with selfies, pictures of gorgeous designer clothes and even some hilarious jabs at hubby Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively’s Instagram has been stripped down to the absolute bare minimum!

That’s right, if you pop over to Blake’s Instagram page right now, you might become a bit confused because the actress has gone and deleted every single one of her images. Oh and she’s also casually unfollowed almost everyone, including her husband Ryan Reynolds!

All that you will see on her page now is a blank screen with not even a profile picture in sight. But what’s even more curious, is that the 30 something followers that Blake is still following all go by the name Emily Nelson and her bio now reads: “What happened to Emily?…”


Of course, now that celebrity couple break ups are becoming more and more common, our first thought was that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold’s, whose marriage and romance has always been relationship goals, might be next on the chopping block and Blake was having some mid break-up crisis.

But before you start to panic, let us tell you that our fav acting couple are still in tact and very much in love. So then what is the weird Instagram behaviour all about? Well apparently Blake has been testing out some method acting!

It appears that Blake is taking on her role in the new film A Simple Favour very seriously and is using her own social media account to create buzz around it!

Still confused? Well the upcoming movie, which co-stars Anna Kendrick, is based on a plot about a woman named Emily Nelson who mysteriously vanishes without a trace!

So just a heads up, in case anything happens to Anna Kendrick’s socials in the near future, do not panic! She’s probably just following suit.

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