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Are These Georgia Love’s Final Two Bachelors?!

It’s been a hard process for Georgia Love. First, she had to choose the man who has won her heart and then she had to keep him quiet for three months.

However, the two finalists have been revealed after Lee Elliott and Matty Johnson were spotted get cosy with Georgia Love while filming the finale in Singapore.


A photo posted by Georgia Love (@georgiealove) on

New Idea is reporting the former TV presenter was spotted kissing both boys before the final rose ceremony.

A source has also claimed that Georgia was seen holding hands with both of the contestants as she enjoyed her final single dates.

Georgia and Matty also appear to have bought a trinket bell during their date and signed it To eternal happiness and amazing relationships...G.Love & Matty J'.

The source added that the Bachelorette crew didn't go to extremes to try and cover up the dates as they filmed the last episodes.

An adventure? Alpaca my bags!

A photo posted by Georgia Love (@georgiealove) on

'Even though they were shooting overseas, the dates took place in such public places,' they explained.

'It's almost like they have given up on trying to keep the results a secret'.

Ahead of Matty and Lee being revealed as the finalists, they were already the favourites on betting website Sportsbet.

As of Monday morning, Lee was paying $1.50, while Matty came in at second on $3.50.

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