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A Love Child Star Is Now Dating An Offspring Favourite!

They have been rumoured to begun dating in March last year.. but finally, Love Child’s Harriet Dyer has confirmed she is dating Offspring’s Patrick Brammall.

Revealing her plans to join her boyfriend in the United States, Dyer told The Daily Telegraph 'I think you want to be close to the person you're with,' 

The actress continued to say that the move is ‘a natural thing anyway, I'd probably do it even if he was still here.' 

Happy Birthday X

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'It's not a follow-the-leader situation. It's just time, I'm almost 29 and I can't play pregnant girls forever,' Harriet continued, making reference to Channel Nine drama Love Child. 

Harried and Patrick met on the set of TV show No Activity and have been appearing regularly on each other Instagram accounts.

Harriet rose to fame after debuting as Patricia Saunders in the Nine Network's Love Child, while Patrick is most known for his role as Leo Taylor in Channel Ten drama Offspring.  

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