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Bachelor Villains Reveal Some VERY Disappointing News!

Whether you love or hate them, you have to admit Bachelor villains Keira Maguire and Sam Johnson make amazing television, which is why this news is so disappointing!

The pair confirmed they were set to find love again, by appearing on the American series Bachelor in Paradise, but due to a sexual misconduct scandal they will no longer be joining the cast.

Keira told the Daily Mail she had her bags packed and ready to go when she heard the news the show has been suspended just one week of filming.

"I woke up and literally had five missed calls," she revealed.

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The blonde beauty explained she was told the show had been put on hold 'indefinitely' by a producer just before new of her arrival was due to be announced.

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Things are a little more awkward for Sam, who was supposedly dating Keira's friend and former Bachie contestant Noni Janur.

The model told the Daily Mail he was shocked by the scandal and was 'surprised (the production) company would blatantly ignore their duty of care.'

He went on to say he was relieved he would no longer be involved We're pretty sure Noni is too!

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